• Funding and accelerating high growth technology ventures in emerging markets

  • About Us

    Seedstars Investments funds high impact technology entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We leverage our on the ground presence and network that covers 80 markets to discover the best early stage ventures and provide value from idea to the later stage. Entrepreneurial talents are truly global but currently lack the resources to develop fully. Our mission is to enable high growth tech firms to thrive in emerging markets.

  • Our Unique Approach

    Global Network

    Thanks to our massive network in 80+ emerging markets, startups build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible without Seedstars.


    Expertise & Support

    More than just cash, we work with investees during a 14 week Growth Program providing tools and best practices to boost growth and prepare for the next funding round which we intend to lead.

    Emerging Market Pros

    Since 2012, we’ve pioneered the discovery and development of emerging market tech scenes and now have activities in over 80 markets. We know emerging markets and can help you open up in new regions.

  • Investment Criteria

    We look for ventures with a strong founding team and international scalability.

    In addition to that, the following are criteria we look for in new investees:

    • Profitable units economics
    • Min $10k monthly revenue

    • Key sectors include: Fintech, Edtech, Agritech, Healthtech, Cleantech & Energy, Retail

    • Raised less than $500k so far

  • The Growth Program

    All our investments pass through the Growth Program. The growth program is a three month virtual acceleration program focused on growth and traction. We select top startups from emerging markets that are ready to invest in growth.

    Rather than taking you out of your market, we bring the expertise to you virtually so you remain close to your market. We bring in a wide variety of experts focused on growth marketing, product optimization, user testing, sales, fundraising and more. We teach you the best methodology to accelerate your startup and be ready to raise Series A.

  • 3 key components

    $30,000 Cash

    Initial investment for 5% to 10% Equity.

    $20,000 Program

    14 Week Intense Growth Program.

    Up to $500,000

    Follow on Investment.

  • Investment Terms

    During the growth program we invest in two distinct phases. First we do a small investment to fund growth experiments during the Growth Program and optionally follow on with a larger ticket as part of the Series A round after the program.

    Phase 1 - $50k

    The first investment includes:

    • $15k at the start of the program

    • $15k half way through the program (first evaluation)

    • $20k to cover Growth Program fees

    Equity taken: 5% to 10%

    Equity Back Guarantee

    See documentation

    Phase 2 - $500k

    The follow-on investment decision is taken post April 2018 with:

    • Right to invest up to $500k

    Equity taken: up to 20%




  • Program Timeline

    1. Application & Screening

    May - November

    We source startups through our global startup competition; Seedstars World. Winners of each local event are screened fully and may be selected for participation in the Growth program.

    2. Bootcamp & Selection

    November - December

    The growth program team will travel to 5 events in Africa, Asia, Latam, CEE and MENA to meet potential candidates face to face and run a 3 day bootcamp. The final selection will be made by mid December.

    3. Growth Program Kick-off

    7th of January

    The Growth Program starts in early January and kicks off by defining OKRs, setting up tools and building the foundation for growth.


    4. Virtual Program

    January - April

    The virtual program runs through a series of 10 modules focused on growth and Series A fundraising through weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions and expert webinars with subject gurus.


    5. Seedstars Summit

    2th - 5th of April

    The program culminates with an intensive week in Lausanne, Switzerland at the global Seedstars Summit. The week includes a two day bootcamp, an investor forum and the conference with participants from 80+ markets.

  • Portfolio



    UltraCasas.com is the #1 real estate search engine in Bolivia.


    Dominican Republic

    Edupass is a hub for students navigating the US college admission process helping expand university access to aspiring students in LATAM.



    Acudeen is an SME invoice factoring P2P marketplace providing businesses access to credit and investors with an alternative asset class.



    Jamii is a mobile micro-health insurance provider for the low income population at just $1 per month.

    iNuka Pap


    iNuka Pap provides a tech platform to MFI and SACCO members facilitating access to financial services.



    Democrance's mission is to democratize insurance by making it accessible to the lower-income population of MENA through their mobile phone.



    Raye7 is a Carpooling mobile app, where commuters enjoy hassle-free rides with nearby colleagues and acquaintances within verified networks.



    Mobile & online payment platform for Africa.



    Eazypapers.com provides automated vehicle documentation and fleet

    management services for private car owners and companies with fleet of



    South Africa

    Giraffe is a mobile recruitment tool that aims to reduce unemployment in emerging markets.

  • Team

    Charlie Graham-Brown

    Managing Partner

    Fredrik Andersson

    Investment Manager

    Benjamin Benaim

    Founding Partner

    Pierre-Alain Masson

    Founding Partner

    Luís Rodrigues

    Investment Partner

  • Mentors

    With over 3000 experts in our network, we can tap into professionals from all sectors, industries and regions.
    Some of our recent experts have included the following:

    Richard Eldridge



    Grace Kim

    Portfolio Manager

    USAID, Global Development Lab

    Bernino Lind

    General Partner

    The SME Development Fund

    Steffen Ehrhardt

    Startups Lead EMEA


    Kathleen Mullaney

    Vice President


    Ethan Hermon

    Startup Technologist


    Stefan Dobrev

    Head of Portfolio Management


    Kamran Elahian

    Innovation Catalyst

    Global Innovation Catalyst LLC

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